100% Formaldehyde-Free & Non-toxic

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Supersilk is a luxurious, high-end smoothing system at an affordable price point that leaves hair looking and feeling smooth, silky soft and frizz-free for weeks on end.

Developed with the salon professional and client in mind, Supersilk uses the most natural of ingredients to protect the integrity of the hair and also the health of the individual performing and receiving the service. It is 100% formaldehyde-free and will never jeopardize your physical or hair health.

We created the smoothing system as a safe, effective solution for women who want to achieve salon-worthy style on a daily basis with minimal effort. Unlike most in-salon smoothing treatments, our system infuses silk-nano particles into the hair to nourish from the inside out which achieves both strength and resilience on the inside as well as glossy locks on the outside.

The treatments feature a Nano Silk Technology, a rich amino acid formula that is not only safer, but stronger and more durable than Keratin formulas. The key ingredient, Sericin, is a protein produced by the silkworm as it emerges from the cocoon and transforms into a butterfly often used to rejuvenate the hair and skin. The hair is then sealed with a protective sheen for extra silky shine.

We pride ourselves on knowing hair remains nourished from the inside out and drying and styling time is astonishingly reduced, thanks to this advanced technology. And when paired with its lavish line of after-care products, this service can retain its results for weeks, even months, on end.

Supersilk restores hair happiness, confidence and styling ease. Its transcendent approach to smoothing is unmatched and superior to all other smoothing services in the professional market.

Experience Supersilk and experience a new approach to healthy, blissful, beautiful hair.

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